Local Negotiation Update

Little progress was made in todays meeting. 

We gave a proposal on talking about manning the CHUB post after the Contract is set.  The company gave a counter proposal with a few word changes.  We are mulling that one over. 

We received a proposal from the company about contractors doing our work.  They want to talk about it after negotiations are over.  There is nothing in their proposal on getting our jobs back.  We want to get them back.

We took some Exxon Council Issues off the table.  What is left is All 1.5 OT goes to double-time; all time on the seventh consecutive day and Holidays goes to triple-time.  The other issue left is to modify vacation entitlement to five weeks at 15 years and six weeks at 25 years.  The company rejected them but they are still on the table.

We also talked about ROSE’s.  The company likes where they are at with ROSE’s.  The company is abusing the scope that the job was intended for. 

We have no tentative schedule for our next meetings.  We will meet with the company on short notice from now on.


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